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Skiing in Val d'Isere

Val d'Isere is often known as the main skiing resort of France and one of the most appealing ones of the world. This way, this area constantly receives visitors from all over the world who approach looking for skiing and having fun while being in a spot which offers all the facilities and comfort relates elements they might need.

This skiing area is ideal for skiing beginners as well as for experienced ones due to the fact that there are several different types of spots which would adapt to every different level of skill. Thos skiers who are just taking their first steps on this sport could find a professional instructor willing to help them and guide them in their learning experience; and those skiers who are very experienced would be able to find challenging areas and have a lot of fun in them.

There are various different spots within Val d'Isere ideal for different ages, preferences and skills levels. There is even a small village, located at the spot known as Rond Point des Pistes, and thought for children ranging between 3 years old to 13 years old. This way, n matter the ages and skills levels of the visitors Val d'Isere receives, there will surely be a spot appropriate for them and suitable to their needs.

Val d'Isere offers over 150 kilometers of skiing area distributed in 70 different pistes. These pistes are divided in several different categories: there are 21 green pistes, 25 blue pistes, 18 red pistes, and 6 black pistes, as well as a half pipe stadium, and a snowboard park. Guidance and instructors are always available, and beginners could learn the basic notions on this sport within 6 days of lessons.

There also are other activities available at Val d'Isere besides skiing, although this surely is the central one. This area offers many other snow and ice related activities such as, for example, snow driving and ice skating among many others. Besides those related to snow and ice, there also are several other activities such as a cinema, some pubs, and nightclubs among others.