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Miscellaneous Spanish topics

An overview to Spain and its politics
Spain's government functions in the form of a constitutional monarchy. This constitutional monarchy is based on a monarch who reaches his position hereditary and a bicameral parliament or National Assembly called Cortes Generales.

Dancing, singing and playing flamenco
The Flamenco is one of the most traditional artistic expression forms of Spain. Flamenco is composed by three main aspects: the dance or baile, the singing or canto, and guitar playing called tocar la guitarra.

Some data about Spain's economy
Spain's economy is often defined as a mixed capitalist economy. Spain is one of the four main West European economies, and its influence and incidence within other countries and economies, not only local but world wide economies, can be of extremely great importance sometimes.

Some things to know about Spanish wine
Although Spanish wines have always had a great reputation, within the last decades they have been scaling positions and gaining places among the best wines of the entire world.

Spanish beaches - A perfect place for relaxing
Spain has important extensions of coast lines along the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

The climate and weather of Spain
Due to the important extension of land Spain comprehends and the different geographical areas it has, this country shows some different climates at some spots than at in others, although there are some general guidelines which can be applied to it as a whole.

Bull fighting in Spain
Bull fighting is a very typical Spanish activity which is part of the country's traditions and culture, and is one of the main peculiarities of this country.

Some of the most interesting Spanish museums
Spain is a country very rich in artistic and architectural past, and those tourists who enjoy such disciplines and wish to meet galleries and museums would be able to do so at most of this country's cities.

Spain and its geography
Spain is located within the southwestern European region known as the Iberian Peninsula, sharing it with Portugal.

Spanish cathedrals and churches
Spanish Cathedrals and churches can be one of the best ways of meeting some typical architectural Spanish styles.

The history of Spanish art
Spain has been home of many amazing artists and without any doubt, it is a country very rich in art and cultural expression forms, and through the different periods of history, it has had a great impact in the way the rest of the world has approached this discipline.