Bulgaria is a beautiful country located towards the southeastern area of Europe, within the Balkan Peninsula. This country borders with the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the Republic of Macedonia to its west, with Romania to its north, with Turkey to the southeast, with Greece to its south, and with the Black Sea to its east.

This country’s climate can be very different during winter than during summer time. During winter, the temperature in Bulgaria can be very low, offering 0º C in average. On the other hand, during summer time this country’s temperatures can be rather high, and tourists can enjoy an average of 30º C during their visit between June and September. During spring time temperatures are very nice, turning this season into the most appealing ones for tourists who don’t like extreme temperatures.

It is also important to consider that this country offers most of the facilities tourists could need, counting with a wide range of hotels which might range from luxurious five star ones to humble two star places in such a way that most tastes, needs and preferences are covered. Besides this, Bulgaria also offers many different transportation related options from which visitors can choose, such as buses, taxis, rented cars, tramways, trains and planes.

Bulgaria also offers a wide variety of gastronomical options from where tourists can choose. Many different restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, fast food spots, and many other food related shops can be found throughout the country in such a way that tourists can always find something that properly suits to their needs as well as they would always be ale to find a place where they could enjoy a dish typical to the country or the region.

Although Bulgaria’s main language is Bulgarian, tourists would always be able to find people who speak English and other languages such as French or Russian as well. This country is very friendly and offers many different areas and landscapes to explore throughout its territory of 111.000 km2. From mountains and valleys to plains and coast lines, tourists can always find something interesting and entertaining to meet and explore while being in Bulgaria.

Map of Bulgaria