Poland, located within the region of Central Europe is a very interesting country, which offers many attractive spots and appealing places to visit. This country borders with Lithuania, the Baltic Sea and Russia in the north, with Belarus and Ukraine in the east, with the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the south and Germany in the west.

The official name of Poland is Rzeczpospolita Polska, usually called Polska by the local people. This name, Rzeczpospolita Polska, is in Polish although the roots of these words are based on a Slavic origin. It is said that this name was given to the country around the year 845 by a tribe called Goplanie that lived in the territory of Poland, although there also are some other origins given to this name as well.

Geographically, Poland’s territory shows a great amount of low lands spread with some high areas, such as per example the Tatra Mountains. Towards the southern side of the country there are several rivers, such as the Odra and the Wisla, turning this area into a very beautiful one. Besides its rivers, Poland also has an important amount of lakes, which provide this territory with many attractive landscapes.

Education has been among the most cared aspects in this country since many centuries ago. Towards beginnings of the 12th century, this country built one of the first major universities in Europe, the Jagiellonian University. Throughout its history, Poland has shown a great interest in education and this aspect can be seen reflected in the fact that the first state ministry of education in the world was established in this country.

Another interesting fact to know about Poland is that it has one of the largest railways in Europe, allowing tourists to easily go from one point to another within this country’s territory. Besides this, tourists can also rent a car or travel through the country’s roads by bus. There also is a variety of air and marine based transportation methods in such a way that reaching the country and moving from one spot to another within it should not be complicated.

Map of Poland