Trikala – in Thessaly

Trikala is a city located within the region of central Greece, towards the north western side of the area called Thessaly. This city is the capital of the Prefecture of Trikala and can be found towards the north western side of Athens and Karditsa, to the eastern side of Metsovo and Loannina, to the to the western area of Larissa, to the south western of Thessaloniki, and to the south of Grevena.

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Larisa – the capital of Thessaly

Larisa, or Larissa is one of the four major prefectures of Greek region of Thessaly and is its capital as well. This area is situated in central Greece and is considered an important agricultural spot and a transportation centre which causes it to receive important amount of travelers in a constant basis. Besides this, this spot has a very rich historical past and it is very recommendable to visit it while being in Thessaly.

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Galaxidi and its harbor

Galaxidi is a Greek town situated towards the southern area of Phokida, a prefecture in the region of Central Greece. This town is very appealing for several reasons and elements, among which we can name, per example, its harbor, its traditional elements, its charming houses, and its unique environment in general. This town is ideal for a day trip from other near by destinations, since it is close to several other major spots and can be rather easily reached.

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The beautiful Agios Konstantinos

Agios Konstantinos is a destination situated within central Greece, within the region of Attica, to the north of Cape Sounion, and at about 50 kilometers from the southern side of Athens. This spot, also known as Konstandinos or Ayios Konstandino, was formerly called Kamariza and then Maronia in ancient times. Those tourists who visit this region of Greece should try to stop at this place and enjoy its beautiful environment since it would allow them to relax and renew their energies.

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