Karpenisi – the capital of Evritania

Karpenisi is the capital town of the Greek region of Evritania situated in the central area of the mountain, in such a way that offers amazing landscapes and allows visitors to ski and practice other winter related sports. The region of Evirtania is situated in Central Greece, and the entire region is often called Karpenisi as well.

The city of Karpenisi and the entire Evritania is among the less developed spots in Greece, due to factors such as its location and the way in which it was strongly affected by wars and other historical events. This way, this spot still conserves most of its antique traditions and cultural aspects as well as many ancient constructions and ruins.

After World War II the region of Karpenisi was affected by a civil war as well as by several other battles which turned it into a very poor and devastated area. This way, this spot is still recovering from such events and its people are strongly attached to the town’s history.

Although an important amount of the historical constructions and spots in Karpenisi were lost during this past f wars, it still contains some interesting places to visit. Among the main attractions visitors could find in Karpenisi there is its natural beauty, since it offers amazing forests, with outstanding lakes rivers and incredible landscapes.

Karpenisi is also known as an important winter sports area. Karpenisi counts with a great ski center which causes the town to receive important amounts of visitors during winter months, as well as during the rest of the year, since this center allows tourists to practice the sport at almost any month.

Besides skiing, visitors can also practice a variety of other sports such as, per example, mountain cycling, canoeing, kayaking, and rafting among others. It is also interesting to have in mind that Karpenisi was named to be one of the five cleanest places in the entire world, and therefore it is easy to imagine the fresh air and the beautiful natural sights it offers, turning it into a paradisiacal area to all those who wish to take a break from their city life.

Map of Karpenisi in Greece