Thessaloniki – capital of Macedonia

Thessaloniki is the capital city of the Greek region of Macedonia. This city is the second largest in Greece, and besides than being capital of Macedonia is the capital of the Thessaloniki prefecture as well. This way, Thessaloniki is very important for several reasons as well as it is very attractive, factors which attract a high number of tourists on a constant basis.

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The large Macedonia

Macedonia is a large Greek region which counts with a territory of over 34.200 km2 and a population of more than 2.400.000 inhabitants. This region has several large cities as well as many others of medium and small size. Among the biggest cities tourists could find in Macedonia, we can name, for example, Katerini with about 56.000 inhabitants, Drama with about 55.000 inhabitants, Kavala with about 64.000 inhabitants, and Thessaloniki which is the capital of the region and counts with over 2.400.000 inhabitants.

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Loannina – also known as Kefalovryso

The city of Loannina, also known after the name of Kefalovryso, is an interesting destination situated on the northern region of Greece, full of beautiful natural spots and amazing landscapes. The name Kefalovryso owes its roots to the Greek words of kefalos, meaning head, and vryso, meaning spring. All tourists who enjoy beautiful natural landscapes and peaceful environments would surely have a good time when visiting Loannina.

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Komotini and its attractions

Komotini is an exciting Greek destination which offers a very attractive nightlife and a wide variety of interesting activities suitable for tourists of all ages and preferences. This destination is a great choice for all those who enjoying going out and partying at night as well as to those who are fond of cultural activities such as visiting museums or antique constructions.

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The mysterious Epiros

Epiros, also known as Epirus, is a city that counts with the peculiar characteristic of counting with a great number of mountains and being often covered by clouds, a mixture of factors which causes it to show a mysterious appearance. This peculiar city is located within the northern area of Greece, towards the west of tht Corfu, Paxi and Antipaxi islands, the west of the Ionian Sea, and the east of the mountain range of Pindus.

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Visiting Arta

Arta is a Greek prefecture situated towards the northern area of the country. This prefecture belongs to what is known as the Epirus periphery, located on the northern side of the Ambracian Gulf Mountains. The capital city of Arta, of same name, is one of the most visited spots in this destination, although there also are several other interesting places tourists should not miss.

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