The village of Pella

Pella, also known as Loutrochori, is a charming village situated towards the northern area of Greece, in the prefecture of Pella. This village, of about 500 inhabitants, can be found on an elevation of about 90 meters, providing it with interesting landscapes on the surroundings.

Despite of its small size, there is a wide range of interesting activities visitors can become involved in while being in Pella. This village has, for example, a motocross race track and a ski centre, being this way very attractive to all those tourists who wish to spend energies and practice sports during their visit.

The prefecture of Pella also counts with many other interesting spots to visit besides this charming village of same name. One of these interesting spots and main attractions in the prefecture are the waterfalls of Edessa. These waterfalls are famous by their beauty and are a must to every tourist who approaches this area.

The village of Agras is another attractive place tourists can visit in the prefecture of Pella. This village was named after the Macedonian fighter called Tellos Agras, and the beautiful natural spots and landscapes it offers are some of the top attractions tourists can find in the area.

There also are several other attractive towns and villages tourists should visit while being in Pella. Among these towns and villages, we can name, for example, Giannitsia, Aridea, and Amissa. Giannitsia is the largest city in the prefecture of Pella, and is characterized by being a very important agricultural centre. The town of Aridea is famous by its fruits, and the town of Amissa counts with great water sources and beautiful landscapes.

Also, while being in the prefecture of Pella, tourists should not miss the villages of Nea Pella and Palia. These two villages, next to each other, count with very interesting ancient ruins from the 3rd century BC, when this area was considered the capital of the Macedonian kingdom. This way, these villages count with a very interesting historical past as well as with ancient constructions, causing them to be considered some the main attractions offered by the prefecture of Pella.

Map of Pella in Greece