The great Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus is famous by being the highest mountain in Greece, and is an extremely attractive spot among sport people and climbers around the world. This mountain, located at 40º 05’N 22º 21’E, counts with a height of 2.919 meters and is not only the highest in Greece but one of the highest ones in the entire Europe.

One of the most famous spots of Mount Olympus is Mitikas. Mitikas, called after the Greek word for nose, is the highest peak on this mountain and is interesting to know that there are two refuges on a plain area at a distance of around 40 minutes from it. Mitakas is famous among world wide climbers and sport people from all points of the world.

The adventurous sport people who wish to climb up this mountain would usually start their journey from the town of Litochoro, being this the place from which they would take their first steps into their venture Due to its peculiar location in the very roots of Mount Olympus, the town of Litochoro is known as the city of the gods, and meeting climbers at it can be as normal as meeting local people.

Mount Olympus is also strongly related to the ancient Greek mythology. According to mythology, this mountain was where the Twelve Olympians, the main gods of the Greek pantheon, would live. According to the mythological tales, the Twelve Olympians lived in crystal palaces built in the mountain.

Also according to the ancient Greek mythology, Mount Olympus was where mother earth, called Gaia, would give birth to the ancestors of the gods, known as the Titans. It is also said that the most powerful of the Titans, called Cronus, used to sit on the top of the mountain.

As it can be seen, this Greek destination offers very different characteristics than most others would, and is a very attractive spot not only for climbers but for all tourists who enjoy meeting unique and impressive landscapes. Without any doubt, being next to this mountain and observing its greatness can be an experience hard to repeat.

Street View fra Mount Olympus in Greece