The large Macedonia

Macedonia is a large Greek region which counts with a territory of over 34.200 km2 and a population of more than 2.400.000 inhabitants. This region has several large cities as well as many others of medium and small size. Among the biggest cities tourists could find in Macedonia, we can name, for example, Katerini with about 56.000 inhabitants, Drama with about 55.000 inhabitants, Kavala with about 64.000 inhabitants, and Thessaloniki which is the capital of the region and counts with over 2.400.000 inhabitants.

There are several valleys across the territory of Macedonia, such as the valley of Axios, the valley of Strymon, the valley of Aliakmon, and the valley of Nestos. Besides this, it is also interesting to known that Macedonia borders with several countries: Bulgaria, Albania, and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, as well as with the province of Thessaly, the province of Thrace, and the province of Epirus. This destination counts with a very rich and appealing geography which tourists who are fond of meeting peculiar landscapes would surely enjoy.

During the Ottoman rule, Macedonia and many of its cities were known after several different names from different origins due to the fact that there were large Slavic and Turkish settlements in them. Once the Ottoman Europe partition took place, these cities and spots received Greek names, many of which remain the same to the date.

World War II affected Macedonia in several important ways. During this war, the number of inhabitants suffered a dramatic decrease due to factors such as massacres, executions and starvations caused by Nazi invasions and occupations, being this the most critical and sad moment in the history of this destination.

Nowadays, Macedonia counts with a wide variety of settlements and groups from different origins which provide it with a picturesque and attractive appearance. While visiting Macedonia, tourists can find areas in which different languages, such as Slavic or Turkish, predominate over Greek. Besides this, a mixture of Greek and Slavic can also be heard in some areas of Macedonia, being this a vivid testimony of the interesting history and the peculiar amalgamation of cultures this spot counts with.

Map of Macedonia in Greece