Kavala and its port

Kavala is an important city in the northern region of Greece, full of beautiful landscapes and historic constructions. The importance of this city is mostly based on the fact that it has the main sea port of the eastern region of Macedonia as well as it is the capital town of the prefecture of Kavala.

The city of Kavala can be found located on the Bay of Kavala, a very attractive place which can be especially enjoyed by all those visitors who like the sea and the landscapes it provides. This destination is ideal for relaxing while being surrounded by a beautiful and unique environment.

Kavala is subdivided in several different areas: Agios Athanasios, Center, Agia Varvara, Agios Ioannis, Agios Loukas, Kalamitsa, Chilia, Perigali, Penagia, Neapoli, Profitis Ilias, Vyrona, and Timios Stavros. Many of these spots offer unique attractions and amazing landscapes, and tourists should try to visit as many of them as possible.

The origins of the city of Kavala can be traced back to the 6th century BC, when a group of people from Paros settled in this area. These settlers from Paros named this city as Neapolis or New City, had built the first constructions which would give shape to the future city of Kavala.

During the Byzantine époque, Kavala was called Christoupolis, and started gaining popularity throughout the northern region of Greece. Besides this, it is also interesting to know that between 1370 and 1912, Kavala was part of the Ottoman Empire. One of the best ways to discover this city’s history is by visiting its constructions, due to the fact that it keeps many buildings from different époques, several of them almost unchanged and maintaining their original structural elements, and each one of which describe a small part of the past of the city.

The port of Kavala is very important in the area due to the fact that it is a central spot for the commercialization of a variety of products within the region. This port also had an important influence in the city’s history, being, for example, where the Apostle Paul arrived when meeting Europe.

Map of Kavala in Greece