The Prespa Lakes in Greece

The Prespa lakes or Prespa lake region is located in the southeastern area of Europe, in part of Albania, the Republic of Macedonia, and Greece. The Greek area of the Prespa lakes can be found towards the northern area of the country, and is one of the most beautiful natural spots tourists could find in that region. This region has gone through many important historical events and is very rich in historical past as well as in fauna and flora, offering beautiful unique landscapes and an amazing scenery for any person who wishes to relax and enjoy fresh air while being surrounded by a beautiful natural environment.

During the 10th century, a fortress and church were built by request of Tsar Samuil of Bulgaria on the island of Achil, on the Greek border of the Small Prespa Lake. Besides this fortress, a fortress was also built during that period, turning both constructions into an important part of the Prespa lakes and their history.

It is also interesting to know that an important part of the Prespa Lakes region that belongs to Greece used to be a military restricted area. During that period of time, this area was hardly populated and only visitors who would count with a special permission would be able to enter.

During the Greek Civil War, the Greek area of the Prespa Lakes was very affected, causing a great number of its inhabitants to leave, running away from the devastating effects of the war. This fact caused that this region was not developed for many years, until the 70s when it started becoming interesting for tourists and a new horizon could be noticed by this area’s population.

In the year 2000, the Greek area of the Prespa Lakes was named Transnational Park. This name was given to it due to its beautiful and exotic flora and fauna. This way, this area is a destination which all those who enjoy natural and exotic environments should not miss, and is a mandatory stop for all visitors who happen to pass by this area of Greece.

Map of the Prespa Lakes in Greece