Slovakia is a Central European country which borders with Hungary to the south, with Poland to the north, with Ukraine to the east and with Austria to the south west. The official name of this country is Slovenska Republika or Slovak Republic, although it is generally called and known by its short name, Slovakia.

The first settlements in Slovakia date from about 2400 years ago. Towards the 6th century, this country became the main area in the Empire of Samo. Later, during the 8th century, an area of Slovakia was named the Principality of Nitra and became part of the Great Moravian Empire or Great Slovak Empire. Later, between the 12th and 14th centuries, Slovakia would become part of the Kingdom of Hungary.

The history and past of Slovakia is very interesting and full of inflection points which provide it with a unique appealing. Besides this, this country has many constructions dating from antique époques and which allow visitors to almost experience the past and the country’s history in the present while visiting them.

Slovakia has a president as head of state. This president is elected every five years by popular vote. The country’s territory is divided in 8 kraje or regions called as the main cities. It is also interesting to know that this country is part of the European Union since the year 2004.

The geography of Slovakia shows an important amount of mountains, such as per example the Carpathian Mountains which cross the northern area of the country. Due to its mountains, this country is very famous as a skiing destination, since several of them are ideal for the practice of this sport. Towards the south western area of the country there also are many low lands and rivers, in such a way that this country offers a wide variety of different landscapes and spots for tourists to choose.

The weather is template and doesn’t show important extreme temperatures most of the year since it tends to be fresh in summer time and humid in winter. The best time of the year for visiting the country and walking around meeting different spots is during spring time and autumn, although it might be nice the rest of the year as well.

Map of Slovakia