There is an amazing amount of things to do and places to meet in Spain. This country offers a great variety of unique characteristics for tourists to explore and many peculiarities visitors could only meet while being in this country. This country is very interesting due to its culture, its people, its history, its geography, its arts, and many other aspects.

There are many spots to meet and things to observe within the different regions of Spain. For example, while being in Valencia, tourists could enjoy La Tomatina Festival. This festival is very peculiar and fun since during it people throw tomatoes to each other in the streets. This festival takes place on the last Wednesday of August every year, and during that day it is impossible to go out to the street without being impacted by a tomato!

While being in the Spanish town of Cordoba, tourists could meet one of the most interesting bridges of the country, El Puente Romano. Or, while being in Bilbao, they could meet the peculiar Guggenheim Museum which was founded in 1997 and has one of the greatest contemporary art exhibitions of the entire world.

While visiting Seville, tourists could enjoy the Feria de Abril. The Feria de Abril is a very important Spanish festival during which many traditional elements and art expressions take place at popular centers. This way, by visiting this town during the festival, tourists could enjoy a traditional Flamenco, a bull fight or traditional paella all in one same place.

The Spanish region of Granada offers many other interesting spots to visit and things to do. Within Granada, visitors can meet La Alhambra, a very peculiar and unique construction which combines Islamic art, architecture and ornaments within a very impressing building. Besides this, another of the most interesting Spanish spots is the Picos the Europa, situated towards the north western area of the country and consisting on a great group of mountains and beautiful towns.

This country offers an amazing variety of different options in such a way that tourists could always find something fun and interesting to do no matter what their preferences are. Without any doubt, this country has some unique characteristics and traditions which could not be found at any other place.

Map of Spain