The beautiful Seville

Seville, or Sevilla in Spanish, is located on the banks of the River Guadalquivir, within the region of Andalusia, towards the southern area of the country. This town is recognized as one of the most famous and interesting of not only Spain but the entire Europe as well.

One of the best times of the year tourists can choose for visiting Seville is in April when they could enjoy the Feria de Abril. The Feria de Abril de Sevilla consists on a week long party in which eating, drinking and dancing are the main activities. Besides been able to enjoy some amazing foods, drinks and music, tourists who approach the town during this époque could also observe some parades and learn about The traditions of the town.

Another good moment tourists could choose for visiting Seville is during the Holy Week, after the Feria de Abril. During the Holy Week or Semana Santa, tourists could observe some religious and symbolic processions. This way, during this time of the year, from April to March, Seville receives a great amount of visitors and it is recommendable to make sure of counting on a room or a place where to stay before arriving.

Seville offers a great amount of interesting spots to visit year around. One of this spots, located within the old city, is the Catedral de Sevilla or Cathedral of Seville, an antique construction very interesting from not only an architectonic point of view but from a historic and artistic one as well.

Another great place tourists should make sure of visiting while being in Seville is the Mudejar Royal Palace, also called the Alcazar. This palace has some of the most beautiful gardens visitors could meet in the entire region. Another place tourists should try to visit is the Casa de Pilatos, a house of great dimensions built during the XVI century and which combines different styles, mainly gothic and Renaissance, in a unique way.

The Puente de Triana or Triana Bridge is another spot which tourists should not miss while being in Seville. This bridge is located over the Guadalquivir River and is very interesting due to its construction as well as to the where it leads, the neighborhood of Triana which is a very charming area, full of narrow streets and antique houses.

Map of Seville in Spain