Finland is a very beautiful spot which has some of the most interesting and unique coastlines and spots in Europe. This country’s territory is of about 338,000 km2 in which there are more than 187,000 lakes, more than 5,000 rapids and more than 179,000 islands, providing paradisiacal spots and beautiful landscapes for tourists to meet and explore. Tourists would find in Finland a very unique destination which offers a wide variety of different options and is full of peculiar landscapes and spots.

The main language spoken in Finland is Finnish, although Swedish is the native language for an area of the country which comprehends about 5,5% of the population. Besides this, it is easy to find people who also speak English, and therefore those tourists whose language is English should not worry about this aspect.

The Finland-Swedes live in some of the coastal areas, and therefore, tourists who approach such spots could meet some different traditions and cultural aspects than while visiting other areas. Another contrast visitors could meet is between the West Finish and the East Finish regions, each one of which shows some unique characteristics and typical traditions different from each other.

An important part of the Finnish population is member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. This amount was of about 84% at the year 2004, showing this to be the most followed religion in this country. There also are some other religions followed by some groups within the country, such as per example, Muslims, Roman Catholics, Jews, and the Finnish Orthodox Church.

It is also interesting to know that Finland has been receiving important amounts of immigrants during the last decade. This way, this country shows a very interesting cultural diversity and mixture of traditions at many of its cities and towns in such a way that, while visiting this country, tourists could meet a variety of cultures and enjoy typical dishes from a variety of regions. This way, this Finland’s cuisine is very interesting and attractive, due to the typical local dishes as well as to the international and even exotic ones which tourists could taste in their visit to the country.

Although Bulgaria’s main language is Bulgarian, tourists would always be able to find people who speak English and other languages such as French or Russian as well. This country is very friendly and offers many different areas and landscapes to explore throughout its territory of 111.000 km2. From mountains and valleys to plains and coast lines, tourists can always find something interesting and entertaining to meet and explore while being in Bulgaria.

Map of Finland