The Iron Gates in Romania

The Iron Gates is the name given to a gorge located in the Danube. This gorge is located in Romania, in the border with Serbia, and besides the Iron Gates is also known as the Gvozdena Vrata, the Demirkapi, the Portile de Fier, and the Eisernes Tor. Tourists who wish to meet beautiful landscapes and attractive natural spots during a vacation in Romania should make sure of visiting this outstanding attraction.

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Ploiesti, capital of Prahova County

Ploiesti, located within the Romanian region of Wallachia, is the capital city of the Prahova County and one of the most interesting places visitors can meet when they are in that area of the country during their vacation in Romania. This city has a population of approximately 232,500 inhabitants and is considered to be the ninth largest in the country.

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Giurgiu, on the Danube

Giurgiu is a picturesque city located on the left bank of the Danube, within the Giurgiu County of which it is the capital. This city, known as San Giorgio in Genoese, as Gyurgevo in Bulgarian, and as Yergogu in Turkish, counts with several interesting attractions as well as it is located across three charming small islands which tourists should not miss visiting while being in Giurgiu during their vacation in Romania.

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Interesting facts about Craiova

Craiova is one of the Romanian cities located within the region of Wallachia, towards the southwestern area of the country. This city has the peculiarity of being built on the same site where a Roman settlement used to be, being this way very interesting from the pint of view of history and anthropology. Due to this and several other reasons, this is one of the most attractive destinations tourists could meet in Wallachia during a vacation in Romania.

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The Olt Valley

The Olt Valley, in the Olt County is located within the Romanian Plain, in the region of Wallachia, and more specifically in Oltenia. This valley is very attractive from the point of view of geography and natural beauty, due to the way in which it combines green extensions, with a variety of small channels, ponds, and two rivers. This way, this destination is a great choice for all those tourists who wish to have a vacation in Romania at a place that offers not only interesting attractions but beautiful natural sceneries as well.

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Visiting Targu Jiu

Targu Jiu, capital city of the Corj County, is located in the Romanian region known as the Southern Sub Carphathian Hills, and more exactly in Oltenia. Despite of the fact that this city was officially recognized as such less than 50 years ago, around 1960, it has gone through a very fast population growth and has become a very active and attractive spot which tourists should try to meet during their vacation in Romania.

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Scornicesti, in Olt Country

Scornicesti is a city located within the Romanian region of Olt County and which counts with the peculiarity of being divided in 13 villages. Besides this, this city also counts with the particularity of being the birth town of Nicolae Ceausescu. Nicolae Ceausescu lived in this city for his first 11 years of life, until he decided to move to Bucharest with the aim of becoming a shoemaker.

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Pitesti, capital of Arges

The city of Pitesti is the capital of the Romanian Arges County and one of the most visited spots in this country. This city is located on the bank of the Arges River, within the region of Wallachia, and near to Bucharest. Tourists who visit Bucharest during a vacation in Romania could easily reach this city through the A1 freeway since it provides a direct connection between them, as well as they would find a variety of buses, trains, and trams connecting this city with many others.

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