Targoviste and its history

The city of Targoviste is located within the Romanian region of Wallachia, in the county of Dambovita, on the bank of the River Ialomita. This city counts with an interesting historical past as well as a varied landscape and several unique attractions, being a must for all those tourists who visit this area of Romania.

While they are in Targoviste during a vacation in Romania, tourists could meet a variety of interesting spots, many of them related to the famous Vlad III Dracula, usually simply known as Dracula. This city was from where Vlad III Dracula ruled during the 15th century. Vlad II Dracula took the throne of Prince Court, after what he invited his enemies to a dinner and impaled them, moment after which he became known as Vlad the Impaler.

The Prince Court and its Sunset Tower, where Dracula would inhabit and from where he would rule, is without any doubt one of the most interesting spots tourists can visit not only in Targoviste but all Romania as well. The Sunset Tower was from where the soldiers of Vlad III Dracula would watch over the surroundings and find out if an enemy would approach. Nowadays, this construction is home of an exhibition about Dracula, where tourists could meet a variety of peculiar objects related to the ruler.

Besides the past related to Dracula, this city also has gone through several other interesting historical moments. This city was first founded as such around the year 1935, when it was also named capital of what was known as the Wallachian Voivodship. It might also be interesting to know that during that époque, one of the most iconic buildings of the city, the Curtea Domneasca or Royal Court, was constructed.

Other important historical fact about Targoviste is that, around the year 1598, one of the most important battles fought against the Ottoman Empire took place in this city. Also, it might be interesting to know that in this city was where the dictator Ceausesco and his wife were executed after the famous Romanian Revolution of 1989 in which the Romanians overthrew him from his position.

Map of Targoviste in Romania