Luxembourg, officially called The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, is an independent state which functions as a constitutional monarchy. This country counts with a territory of about 2586 km2, 52 km wide and 84 km long, and borders with Germany, Belgium, and France.

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has two main regions called “The Eisleck” or “Oeasling” located towards the northern side of the country, and the “good Country”, located towards the southern area. The region of “The Eisleck” is characterized by having a large wooden area and beautiful landscapes, while the “Good Country” is characterized by having fertile lands.

The weather in Luxembourg does not present extreme temperatures and is moderate year around. During winter time, the temperatures averagely are between the 0 and 12 degrees, while during summer months the temperatures averagely range between 12º C and 24º C.

The currency used in Luxembourg since the year 2002 is the Euro. This way it is very recommendable to count with some change on this currency at the time of arriving to this country. It is also important to have in mind that the main language in Luxembourg is the Letzebuergesch, although German and French are official languages as well and therefore tourists would be able to find people speaking these other languages or English as well.

The capital city of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is called Luxembourg or Luxembourg Ville. It is also interesting to know that the flag of this country shows three horizontal bands: a red band followed by a white band and ending with a light blue one. This flag differentiates from the Dutch one in the tone of its last band, which in the case of the Dutch flag is dark blue.

Among the most typical products tourists could find in Luxembourg there is the country’s wine, its chocolate, its porcelain, and its iron. Luxembourg produces a variety of these products and is widely recognized by them within the rest of Europe and other parts of the world as well. An important part of the economy of Luxembourg is based on these products as well as on several other derivates.

Map of Luxembourg