The attractive Galati

Galati is the capital city of the Romanian County of same name, located towards the eastern region of the country. This city, with a population of approximately 299,000 inhabitants, is considered to be the seventh largest in Romania, as well as one of the most attractive spots tourists can visit while being in the eastern area of the country during a vacation in Romania.

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Some interesting facts about Braila

Braila, capital of the County of same name, is a port city on the Danube, located near Galati and within the Romanian region of Moldavia. This city is a great choice for all those tourists who, during their vacation in Romania, wish to meet a destination that counts with several attractions as well as with a very interesting past, and appealing historical constructions.

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The County of Iasi

The Iasi County is located towards the north eastern area of Romania, near the border with Moldova. This County has a population of approximately 815,000 inhabitants who live in a territory of around 5,500 km2. Due to its strategic location, this county is one of the most important commercial centers in not only the eastern area of Romania but the entire country as well.

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Bacau and the Carpathian Mountains

Bacau is the capital city of the Romanoian County of same name. This city is located next to the Carpathian Mountains, near the area where the Siret River and the Bistrita River meet, and at approximately 300 kilometers from Bucharest. When they visit this city during a vacation in Romania, tourists will be able to find a variety of interesting antique constructions and entertaining activities which would ensure them of having a nice time regardless of their age or preferences.

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