Some interesting facts about Braila

Braila, capital of the County of same name, is a port city on the Danube, located near Galati and within the Romanian region of Moldavia. This city is a great choice for all those tourists who, during their vacation in Romania, wish to meet a destination that counts with several attractions as well as with a very interesting past, and appealing historical constructions.

According to historians, the origins of Braila would be related to a settlement which was established towards middles of the 14th century on the left bank of the Danube and near this area with the name of Drinago. Despite this, other theories affirm that this city was originated as a Greek settlement called Proilabum, or as town inhabited by Slavik people who would have named it Brailov.

Between the 16th and 19th centuries, the city of Braila was ruled by the Ottoman Turks. During that period of time, the city was called Ibralia, and went through several critical moments, such as several fires and attacks from enemies. During the 19th century, Braila became one of the most important commercial centers in Moldavia, mainly due to an important increase in its port activities.

During their visit to Braila tourists would be able to find a variety of interesting attractions and constructions. One of the first spots tourists should make sure of visiting while being in this city of the Olc Centre. The Old Centre of Braila has an important number of constructions from the 19th century as well as several shops and other interesting spots.

Near the Old Centre of Braila, visitors would be able to find the Public Garden. The Public Garden offers a very attractive natural environment as well as beautiful sights over the River Danube and the Macin Mountains. Within this area of the city, visitors would also find the Old Water House, a very interesting antique construction which nowadays is home of a restaurant.

Tourists who enjoy meeting antique religious constructions would also be able to have a nice time during their visit to Braila. This city has several antique churches and cathedrals, such as, for example, the Sfantul Nicolae Church built in the 19th century, the Greek Church built around the year 1870, and the Sfintii Arhangheli Church dating from the Ottoman rule times.