Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, located within Central Europe, borders with Poland in its northern side, with Austria in the south, with Slovakia in the east, and with Germany in the west and the northwest. The population in the Czech Republic is mainly composed by Czech people although there also are some Germans, Slovaks, Hungarians, and Romanies among others. According to the statistics about 40% of the population in this country is Roman Catholics and 10% Protestant.

The origins of the Czech Republic can be traced back to the 5th century when a group of Slaves arrived to this territory. During its origins, and until the 10th century, the Czech Republic was part of the Great Moravian Empire which would include Bohemia, Silesia, eastern Germany, south eastern Poland, northern Hungary and western Slovakia.

The Czech Republic offers a rather cold climate most of the year, although between June and September temperatures might be of 20º C or 70º F in the day in average, being this one of the best times of the year for visiting this country. Nights during this season averagely offer a temperature of about 9º C or 57º F, with some stormy days spread now and then.

The largest city tourists would find in the Czech Republic is Prague or Praha, its capital. Besides Prague, visitors can meet several other interesting cities while being in this country, such as, per example, Ostrava, Plzen, Ceske Budejovice, Olomouc, Hradec Kralove, and Brno, as well as many other small towns and villages spread throughout this territory.

The Czech Republic is a parliamentary democracy and has a president as head of state who is elected by the country’s parliament every five years. The parliament in the Czech Republic is bicameral and counts with a chamber of deputies with 200 members who are elected every 4 years, and a Senate with 81 members who are elected every 6 years. It is also interesting to know that the country’s territory is very varied and has high pints and hills as well as low lands and rivers. This territory is divided in 13 regions, the main one named after the capital Prague.

Map of Czech Republic