4 top city museums in Spain

Spain, with its myriad of influences and epic history, is a country with a diverse gamut of sights and sounds to offer its 45 million tourists who visit every year. An area where this can be seen in particular is in its museums and galleries, a rich history of art and culture has left Spain a huge legacy in this department with names such as Dali, Picasso and Miro leading the list:

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A guide to Spain’s quirkier festivals

Spaniards seem rarely to need much of a reason for a fiesta or festival of some sort and you can pretty much guarantee that wherever you are in Spain there will be some merrymaking going on somewhere in honour of a patron saint – I’ve decided to look at some of Spain’s quirkier, slightly less known festivals and enlighten readers as to some of the stranger practices which take place at various times around the country.

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Blood and sunshine – Bullfight in Malaga

On a blisteringly hot day in Malaga in the summer of 2001 whilst away learning Spanish in the Andalusian city, I resolved to see my first bullfight. With my father being a long time Spanish teacher I had often heard about his trips to the bullfight with his students and I also had vague recollections of a television programme watched whilst on holiday in northern Spain commemorating the death of a matador – a horrific goring was a shocking sight to an eight year old boy and had left me with mixed feelings about ever going to a bullfight. Part of me attracted by the spectacle and what it symbolises in Spain’s cultural heritage, and part of me reviled slightly as a young man with a fairly weak stomach for gore and blood.

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Places to visit in Southeast Spain

Southeast Spain along the Costa de Almeria is an unspoilt paradise. A world away from the high-rise hotel blocks and apartments that are associated with some other coastal areas of Spain, this Costa is subdued and altogether much more inviting. Mile upon mile of sandy beach stretches out along the coastline, truncated ever so often by headlands that crash out into the sea. For discerning families looking for a quiet Spanish holiday getaway, the Costa Almeria is the place to go.

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History of Spain

The History of Spain, and how it all begun.

The Iberian Peninsula was first inhabited around 8000,000 BC and has long been subject to foreign influences. The history of Spain starts from 11th century BC, it was colonized by sophisticated Eastern Mediterranean civilizations, starting with the Phoenicians then the Greeks and the Carthaginians. The Romans arrived in Spain in 218BC to fight the Carthaginians, this sparked off the Second Punic War. They harvested the peninsulas agricultural and mineral wealth and established cities with aqueducts, temples and theaters.

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Alicante Spain – How to explore it in one day

Imagine some of you will come over and spend these summer holidays around the Costa Blanca in places like Benidorm, Torrevieja, Denia or Calpe. After two month of sunbathing and party at night, you finally get your act together and do a one day visit to Alicante – just to be able to tell the loved once at home that you have seen some culture and arts as well.

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Alternative holidays – Exchange conversation for accommodation in the heart of Spain

Madrid, Spain — For the last three years, over 3,000 people have participated in the unique English language immersion program known as Englishtown. Two venues, a 16th century abandoned village and a plush country-style hotel, play host to a non-stop eight-day intensive conversation program. English native speakers from all over the world come as volunteers to learn about Spaniards and their culture in return for their board and lodging while the Spaniards seek to improve their fluency in the quickest, most intensive manner possible on earth. The participants, both English-speakers and Spaniards, exchange culture, conversation, knowledge and friendship.

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Ten reasons to move to the Costa Brava

After France, Spain is Europe’s most popular holiday destination, and the apparent dominance of France is to a large extent due to visitors in transit elsewhere. In 1996 between 1.2 and 1.3 million European tourists visited Spain. It is therefore not surprising that many of them become interested in buying a home there. Spain’s property market generally has enjoyed strong growth, with the Costa Brava enjoying a particularly large rise in values. About 20% of foreign owners are more or less permanent residents of Spain, while the remaining 80% bought their property for either holidays or investment purposes.

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