Majorca – a great Spanish destination

The island of Majorca, part of the group of the Balearic Islands, is one of the main destinations in this region as well as in all Spain. This island is not only beautiful and ideal for those tourists who enjoy spending time at the beach, but it also offers many other attractions and entertaining activities as well.

Majorca, with 3.640 km2, is the largest island from the Balearic group. The population of Majorca is of about 602.100 inhabitants, and its main city or capital is Palma. Towards its north western area, this island is mountainous and shows heights which can reach the 1.440 m, while at its eastern and southern areas the island does not show important heights and offers a very nice weather and environment.

The base of Majorca’s economy is tourism, although it is also helped by the production and exportation of olives, grapes, wine, and cereals among others. This island is very fertile and allows growing a variety of natural products, and offers some mines of copper and marble at some spots as well in such a way that its people count on a variety of natural resources.

Majorca received its name around the year 1275, when the entire group of the Balearic Islands, with the addition f some other lands, became known as the Kingdom of Majorca. This way, Majorca and the other islands of the group count on an important amount of historical events in their past as well as they have many different antique spots and constructions from different époques, which along with their natural beauty turn them to be a unique destination.

Besides its beautiful beaches, traditions, and interesting historical constructions, Majorca also offers a variety of other spots, such as per example, stalagmite caves. This island contains several stalagmite caves which are a great attraction, and from which a variety of beautiful art works and other objects are created.

Tourists who visit Majorca would always be able to find something fun or interesting to do. There is a variety of restaurants, cafes, pubs, discos, constructions, museums, beaches, and caves from which to choose. Due to this great variety of options, it is easy to imagine that it is almost impossible to be bored at Majorca.

Map of Majorca in Spain