The historic Sighisoara

Sighisoara is a Romanian city as well as a municipality located within the County of Mures, in Transylvania, which has an area, known as Central Sighisoara, declared as a World Heritage site by the UNESCO. This destination counts with a very interesting history as well as a variety of antique constructions and is a spot which all those tourists who are fond of disciplines such as architecture or history should not miss during their vacation in Romania.

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Sebes, in Alba County

Sebes, also known as Szazsebes or Muhlbach, is a very interesting Romanian city located towards the southern area of Transylvania, within the Alba County. The origin of the name of this city, Sebes, is Hungarian and makes reference to a river that flows throughout a city. The other name this city has, Muhlbach, has its origins on a German word which describes the mills that can be found next to the river.

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Visiting Brasov

Brasov is the capital city of the Romanian county that shares the same name. This city is situated at approximately 165 kilometers from Bucharest, towards the central area of Romania, and next to the Southern Carpathians, in Transylvania. This city counts with a population of approximately 285,000 inhabitants, and tourists who wish to visit it during their vacation in Romania should know that besides the name Brasov is often known as Corona Brassovia, Brassó, and Kronstadt.

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