Visiting Hunedoara

Hunedoara is an attractive city located within the Romanian region of Transylvania, and a very interesting destination from the point of view of architecture and history. When visiting this city during a vacation in Romania, tourists would be able to meet the most famous building of Gothic style they could find in the entire country, the Corvin Castle.

The Corvin Castle was originally constructed around the year 1410 as a royal citadel of small size by request of the King Sigismund of Luxemburg and as a gift to Vajk. Towards the year 1446, the son of Vajk, called Johannes de Hunyad, converted the castle into a residence of Gothic style. After that, this castle went through three fires, but has been renovated conserving its original architectonic elements and style.

The Corvin Castle or Hunyadi Castle shows a very beautiful and impressing appearance which combines Renaissance, Baroque and Gothic styles in a unique way. This construction is located on a rocky spot which is surrounded by the River Zlasti, providing it with an extra charm and an almost magical environment. When visiting this castle, tourists would find a variety of towers, several courts, and a unique draw bridge.

Besides the Corvin Castle, tourists would be able to also meet several other interesting constructions and spots during their visit to Hunedoara. Among these interesting spots, we can name, for example, the Oak Forest of Chizid, the Iron Museum, the Cinics Accumulation Lake, the Hunedoara Zoo, the Nandru Caves, the Poiana Ruscai Mountains, the Paleontological Natural Reservation of Nandru and Buitiri, and the Pestis Roman Ruins. As it can be seen, there is a great amount of attractions and interesting spots to visit in this destination.

According to archaeologists, the area where the actual Hunedoara is located used to be already inhabited as long ago as in the Stone Age. This can be affirmed due to the fact that some archaeological investigations conducted in this region of Transylvania brought to light several tools and objects dating from that époque. Besides this, this area would be very important during the Iron Age as well, when it used to be very rich in iron.

Map of Hunedoara in Romania