The beautiful Sibiu

Sibiu is a beautiful and charming city located within the Romanian region of Transylvania, near the River Cibin. Tourists should try not to miss meeting this city during a vacation in Romania since it is one of the most attractive and picturesque spots they could meet in not only Transylvania but the entire country as well.

The city of Sibiu was founded as such towards endings of the 12th century, more exactly in the year 1190, after a group of Saxon settlers established in this area of Transylvania. Once it was founded, Sibiu started becoming a very important economical center at such a fast pace that towards beginnings of the 14th century it was renown as a major trade center in not only Transylvania but the entire Romania as well.

Nowadays, Sibiu is considered to be one of the most prosperous and wealthiest cities in the entire Romania. Its economy is based on a wide range of products and activities, such as automotive components, stock exchange, textiles, electrical components, and agro industry, among many others.

The Old Center of Sibiu is one of the best preserves historical centers in the entire Romania and has been declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Among its main historical attractions, tourists would be able to find several medieval fortifications conserved in a great state and which attract visitors from many different origins on a constant basis.

The Old City or Old Center of Sibiu is often divided in two main areas known as the Upper City and the Lower City. The Upper City is where tourists would find most of the city’s shops and commercial spots, while the Lower City is where most of the antique constructions and historical attractions are located.

The Lower City of Sibiu is located next to the hill and the river, and consists on several streets and constructions built around the antique fortifications. This area offers a very picturesque appearance, with tall roof houses and a few squares spread now and then, as well as an antique Church which was built as long ago as in the 14th century.

Map of Sibiu in Romania