Ireland is a country full of beautiful sea related spots and coastlines provided by the fact that it actually is a large island. This island’s territory is of about 84,300 km2 and counts with a coastline of around 5,650 km. This way, this country’s coastlines are among its most appealing attractions although its territory also offers a wide variety of other beautiful natural landscapes and spots.

Ireland is located towards the northwestern of Europe, and its territory comprehends about three quarters of the island, while one quarter in the north belongs to the United Kingdom. It is also interesting to know that the capital of Ireland is Dublin and this country is a constitutional democracy as well as it is part of the European Union.

There are four main regions or provinces within the country of Ireland: Munster in the south, Connacht in the west, Leinster in the east, and Ulster in the north. Each one of these provinces has several subdivisions called counties in such a way that there are 5 counties within Connacht, 12 counties within Leinster, 9 counties within Ulster, and 6 counties within Munster.

Ireland’s coastlines and lakes are, without any doubt, among the main attractions offered by this country. These coastlines and lakes are attractive not only by the fact that they are beautiful, but also because they remain very pure and almost free of the pollution which could be found in highly industrialized countries since Ireland doesn’t count on a great number of industries.

During spring and summer time might be the best times of the year tourists could choose for visiting Ireland. Although tourists could find nice temperatures most of the year, during the last weeks of spring and the first weeks in summer visitors might find the sunniest days and the nicest climate for exploring the country.

During Christmas time is another great moment for visiting Ireland. During this time of the year Ireland looks very beautiful and Christmas spirit can be seen everywhere. This way, the last week of December is another great time for visiting Ireland, and is recommended that tourists make sure of booking a room in anticipation since the country receives an important amount of visitors during those days.

Map of Ireland