Hungary is one of the European destinations which offer some of the most amazing palaces, castles and antique constructions. This country has about 1,500 castles, palaces and other antique constructions, many of them practically unchanged and looking almost in the same way when they were built centuries ago.

One of the main periods of time in which a great amount of castles were built in Hungary was during the 13th century. During this century, after the Tatar invasion was over, a great amount of palaces, fortresses and castles were built by request of King Bela IV. This way, nowadays tourists can still meet many of these strong constructions at many different areas of the country, although some of them have been partially or completely lost after going through the pass of time, wars, and natural factors.

One of the most attractive areas in Hungary is the north western region, called Northern Transdanubia. This region has a great among of palaces and interesting antique constructions so well conserved that visitors can feel like going back into the past while meeting them. Tourists can even spend the night at some of these castles since a few of them have been transformed into hotels.

Another interesting place tourists should try to visit in Hungary is the Royal Palace in Budapest. This Royal Palace is located on top of a hill, the Castle Hill in a very majestic way. By visiting this Castle, tourists can observe some unique structural elements and ornaments as well as an amazing view on the surroundings.

Towards the Austrian border, near the Alps, tourists could find another highly interesting spot to meet. This area has some of the most antique and richest in historical events towns in Hungary. One of these towns is Sopron, formerly called Scarbantia, in which visitors could find a Gothic Church, a Synagogue from the 13th century, a Baroque square, and a very charming overall appearance provided by the peculiar small houses and unique streets. This spot and these constructions are just an example of the amazing places tourists could meet in Hungary and its different regions, since there is something attractive at almost any area visitors might choose.

Map of Hungary