How much time would it take to explore Sicily?

Sicily offers such an amazing mount of different things to do and observe that it is almost impossible for a tourist to have time enough to fully explore it. It is actually recommendable to have a clear plan of which places and activities a visitor would accomplish in order to be able to explore this island and its beauty as much as possible.

The most visited Italian island

This island is located in the middle area of the Mediterranean and, along with Sardinia, is the most visited Italian island. Sicily has had several different invaders through its history and each one of them have had a special effect in its nowadays personality. The island’s appearance, people and customs show a mixture and diversity unique and impossible to find repeated at any other place.

Panorama view of Cefalu on Sicily, Italy. Small boat in the front and mountains in the background.
Cefalu on Sicily

Buildings and history of Sicily

Just like most Italian destinations, Sicily offers an important amount of historic places and buildings to meet. There are charming churches, amazing castles and mystic temples dating from hundreds, and even thousands of years ago. Some of these buildings allow its visitors to feel as if they were back into such dates due to the amazing way in which they have been conserved and which causes them to look as if people from their original days still lived in them.

The people of Sicily

Sicilian people are another of the Island’s main richness due to their uniqueness and beauty as well as to the friendly manner in which they would help and give information to those visitors who may ask for it.

Sicilian population has multicultural roots due to the diversity of people who have invaded and ruled the island through its history, containing cultural elements from, for example, Africans, Asians and Europeans.

Visit all year round

Sicily can be visited at any time of the year, since each season has its own and unique attractive. During summer time, its perfect weather makes it ideal for those visitors who wish to enjoy its beaches along with its historical places, although during this season is when the island receives the higher amount of tourists and might loose some of its regular appearance.

Restaurant in the town of Marzamemi in Sicily, Italy.

On the other hand, during winter time the island might be colder, and going to the beach might not be possible, but during this season there are much less visitors than during the rest of the year and therefore it is when the island shows its characteristics the most and can be explored more calmly as well.

Map of Sicily

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