Walking around Bologna

Bologna is designed in such a way that allows visitors and tourists to meet many of its main buildings, monuments, parks and attractive areas by walking to them due to the short distance which separates them from the city’s center. This characteristic makes bologna unique and charming as well as allows visitors to enjoy the environment and its essence by going from one point to another.

This Italian city’s population is of about 390.000 and is characterized by having ancient walls which separate the central area from the rest of the city. This city does not receive a great amount of visitors at any particular season of the year, but it does receive many visitors in a constant basis.

Aerial foto of Bologna, Italy.

The two main square in Bologna

The city contains two main squares, the Piazza Maggiore and the Piazza del Nettuno, located at the central area of the town. From them, tourists can easily walk to most of the other most interesting areas of Bologna. Both of these squares are a must for visitors since they are not only historical but also very beautiful.

Piazza Maggiore in Bologna in Italy on a clear blue day. Lots of tourists.
Piazza Maggiore

Piazza Maggiore

Piazza Maggiore is located at the centre of the oldest area of the city, and is a place very interesting for tourists to visit while being at Bologna. This square is surrounded by some of bologna’s most interesting historic buildings, some of them dating from époques such as the Renaissance or even the medieval times.

Piazza Nettuno

Piazza Nettuno is characterized by having the Fontana di Nettuno, a beautiful and historical fountain located at its central area.

The Basilica di San Petronio

Another must place for tourists to visit while being in bologna is its main church. This church is the Basilica di San Petronio and is considered to be among the five largest churches of the entire world. Another great building to visit is the University of Bologna, the oldest university of Europe and one of the most valued within the entire world as well.

Exterior view of Basilica di San Petronio in Bologna. Pedestrians on the square.
Basilica di San Petronio

What else to do in Bologna

Besides its historical buildings and spots, Bologna also offers visitors the chance to meet many other places and enjoy several other activities, by going to local restaurants, cafes, and pubs for example.

Although the hotel offer in bologna is very wide and varied, it is always recommendable to book before going since this city receives a great amount of tourists all year around and it might be difficult to find a hotel room sometimes.

Map of Bologna

Interesting places to visit in Italy

The ancient city of Genoa

Genoa is located towards the northern region of Italy, in Liguria. This city is on the Mediterranean Sea and is characterized by having the main port of the region. This area is world wide famous due to the beauty of its beaches and the amazing environment which allow tourists to relax and have an unforgettable time.

Getting to Genoa

Visitors can easily access the city either by train or by plane. For example, visitors who may wish to come from Rome would find several flights per day from that city to Genoa, just like those who may come from places such as Zurich, Munich or London would find similar facilities as well.

Boats in the port in the old part of Genoa, Italy.

There is an airport in the Italian Riviera area very close by which greatly facilitates reaching this point. In order to travel from this airport to Genoa itself, tourists could choose between a taxi and an airport bus. The airport bus can be taken every half an hour and would take tourists to Genoa within 30 minutes.

There are other options available for tourists in order to reach Genoa, such as by train or by car. Those tourists who wish to come to the city by train could easily do so due to the fact that the region is connected with several other cities by a major railway line. This way, tourists coming from Milan, Rome or even France could conveniently reach Genoa by train.

The location of Genoa

The city is located right in the central area of the Italian Riviera, offering the amazing characteristics of the area along with a great amount of hotels and tourist facilities. This way, many tourists who go to the Italian Riviera opt for this city as the place where to stay and use as a base in order to meet the rest of the area.

The Piazza De Ferrari square in Genoa, Italy. Fountain and old but impressive buildings.
Piazza De Ferrari square

The weather

The weather in Genoa is very nice all year around which turns it into a great tourist destination for those who wish to go to enjoy the beach no matter the month. Temperatures at this area are very even and visitors would not have to worry about winter while being in this area.

Map of Genoa

Interesting places to visit in Italy

Milan – A city where nobody can get bored

Milan is one of the Italian cities which offer a really wide range of cultural, entertaining and history related activities for visitors of all preferences. This way, tourists from all points of the world and from the most varied ages come to Milan with many different wishes and with the intention to have a nice time through many different activities.

Milan is a cultural city

The cultural offer available at Milan is one of the most amazing ones of not only Italy but all Europe as well. Among the cultural attractions this city offers, there is its incredible Duomo or cathedral, its Teatro alla Scala opera house and the Last Supper of Leonardo Da Vinci. Besides these, there are many other great cultural attractions such as art galleries, music related events and parks among many others.

An impressive building in Milan housing the Teatro alla Scala.
Teatro alla Scala


The city is also known as one of the main fashion spots of Europe, and therefore it offers a great amount of interesting places and stores for visitors who enjoy fashion related activities to meet.

Some of the most famous designers of the world have great stores in Milan, allowing visitors to know their last designs and novelties. Besides this, Milan also has one of the most famous shopping malls of the world, called Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, which has a great amount and variety of shops for people to visit and be up to the date about fashion tendencies.

Looking up the majestic glass dome of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan, Italy.
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

Gastronomy in Milan

Another one of Milan’s main characteristics are its restaurants and cuisine related products offer. While visiting Milan, tourists can enjoy typical Italian meals at many great restaurants. The main spots where visitors can find great local restaurants are Brera, Navigli, Corso Como as well as the central area of the city.

Typical Italian spaghetti meal served on a plate. A fork is holding some of the pasta.

Art and history

Art lovers who visit Milan would be able to meet art galleries which exhibit paintings from some of the most famous artists of the world. Besides this, Milan’s cultural offer extends to and comprehends many other areas, such as for example history. There is an amazing offer of very interesting museums and historical buildings open for visitors to meet and explore the past mixed with the present.

Map of Milan

Interesting places to visit in Italy

Pisa – The city of the Leaning Tower

Although it is world wide famous due to its Leaning Tower, the city of Pisa also has many other great attractions and amazing characteristics to offer. Pisa is one of the most important historic Italian areas and one of the most visited year around as well. This city allows tourists to meet buildings which conjugate many different époques and artistic currents, such as, for example, Romanesque and Gothic among many others.

Pisa is located towards the western area of Tuscany, and its origins date from as long as 3.000 years ago. During that time, a settlement started being built up at the seaside and gave origin to what today is one of the most famous cities of the world. This way, the historical richness of the city is amazing due to its great amount of years and this can be observed in the buildings which have remained through the pass of time and which show the different époques through which the city has passed.

Old houses along the Arno River in Pisa, Italy.

The university in Pisa

Another one of Pisa’s main characteristics is its university, established in the first years of 1340 and world wide known due to its excellence. This way, Pisa is a city which gives main importance to knowledge, science and arts, being up to the date with modern life as well as maintaining some of the characteristics which gave it shape through the pass of time.

Beautiful old building which is the home of the University of Pisa, Italy.
University of Pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Leaning Tower is located in the northwest area of Pisa, sharing one same area with other important buildings. At this area, known as Campo dei Miracoli, next to the famous Leaning Tower, there are other three great and unique buildings: the Camposanto or Holy Field; the amazing Duomo or Cathedral of Pisa of 1000 years; and the Baptistery or Battisterio of circular shape.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa. Clear blue sky. Green field. Old buildings.
The Leaning Tower

Other things to explore

There are several other buildings and interesting areas for visitors to meet besides the Campo dei Miracoli. Towards the south side of the city, tourists can visit two interesting museums: the Museo delle Sinopie and the Museo dell’Opera, offering the chance to observe original paintings and sculptures of famous artists from many centuries ago.

Map of Pisa

Interesting places to visit in Italy

Rome – A city which harmoniously conjugates past and modern life

Rome is one of the most interesting cities of the world due to the historic monuments and ancient buildings it has among many other attractions. The origins of this Italian city date from more than 2.700 years ago, and therefore, its historical richness is invaluable and very hard to equalize. Besides this, this city has incorporated modern life style to its historical environment in such a way which both aspects live together in harmony.

Besides the attraction this city offers through its ancient buildings and monuments, it also allows visitors to observe how this characteristic can be perfectly combined with nowadays technology and modern life. This way, the characteristics of Rome are unique since it mixes elements from not only centuries but even millenniums ago, with elements of nowadays modern life.

Aerial view of Rome in Italy. Colosseum and Forum Romanum.

The buildings and monuments in Rome

Rome contains some of the most interesting ancient buildings and monuments of the entire world. To name some of these buildings and monuments we can say that it contains the Vatican City, the Colosseum, the Forum from where Julius Caesar would govern Rome in the ancient times, and even some ruins of Circus Maximus where ancient sports such as gladiator fights would be watched by thousands of spectators.

Outside of the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. Many tourist on a clear blue day.
The Colosseum

The Vatican City

The Vatican City, one of the most interesting places to visit while being in Rome, contains several different ancient buildings of a variety of characteristics. Among the buildings which visitors could meet in the Vatican City there are, for example, churches, basilicas and chapels. The Sistine Chapel, for example, is an amazing building in which tourists can observe Michelangelo’s painting at its ceiling; or San Peter’s Basilica an ancient building which dates from more than 1.500 years ago.

Outside view of St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican City in Rome, Italy.
St. Peter’s Basilica

Museums and art in Rome

Museums, art galleries and cultural centers are others of the most attractive characteristics of Rome. Visitors who go to this city would be able to observe original sculptures and paintings of artists such as Bellini, Botticelli and Raphael among many others, a fact very difficult to find repeated at other cities. Also, Typical Italian food is available at many different restaurants throughout all Rome, allowing tourists to enjoy a truly Italian meal at one of the most characteristic cities of the country.

Map of Rome

Interesting places to visit in Italy

How much time would it take to explore Sicily?

Sicily offers such an amazing mount of different things to do and observe that it is almost impossible for a tourist to have time enough to fully explore it. It is actually recommendable to have a clear plan of which places and activities a visitor would accomplish in order to be able to explore this island and its beauty as much as possible.

The most visited Italian island

This island is located in the middle area of the Mediterranean and, along with Sardinia, is the most visited Italian island. Sicily has had several different invaders through its history and each one of them have had a special effect in its nowadays personality. The island’s appearance, people and customs show a mixture and diversity unique and impossible to find repeated at any other place.

Panorama view of Cefalu on Sicily, Italy. Small boat in the front and mountains in the background.
Cefalu on Sicily

Buildings and history of Sicily

Just like most Italian destinations, Sicily offers an important amount of historic places and buildings to meet. There are charming churches, amazing castles and mystic temples dating from hundreds, and even thousands of years ago. Some of these buildings allow its visitors to feel as if they were back into such dates due to the amazing way in which they have been conserved and which causes them to look as if people from their original days still lived in them.

The people of Sicily

Sicilian people are another of the Island’s main richness due to their uniqueness and beauty as well as to the friendly manner in which they would help and give information to those visitors who may ask for it.

Sicilian population has multicultural roots due to the diversity of people who have invaded and ruled the island through its history, containing cultural elements from, for example, Africans, Asians and Europeans.

Visit all year round

Sicily can be visited at any time of the year, since each season has its own and unique attractive. During summer time, its perfect weather makes it ideal for those visitors who wish to enjoy its beaches along with its historical places, although during this season is when the island receives the higher amount of tourists and might loose some of its regular appearance.

Restaurant in the town of Marzamemi in Sicily, Italy.

On the other hand, during winter time the island might be colder, and going to the beach might not be possible, but during this season there are much less visitors than during the rest of the year and therefore it is when the island shows its characteristics the most and can be explored more calmly as well.

Map of Sicily

Interesting places to visit in Italy

The beautiful Italian Riviera

The term Italian Riviera usually refers to the Italian coastline area near the border with France, in Liguria. This coastline is extremely beautiful due to the amazing combination of clear blue waters, soft sands, perfect weather, and a great amount of entertainments available at the area.

The beaches at the Italian Riviera

The riviera offers amazing beaches in which visitors can enjoy a relaxing sunbath as well as swim in crystalline waters. These area’s beaches are a perfect place for those who love beaches to visit at almost any time of the year, since the climate and its temperatures are very homogeneous most of the time.

Beach in Alassio on the Italian Riviera.
Beach in Alassio

Riviera Dei Fiori

One of the main areas of the Italian Riviera is the Riviera Dei Fiori. The Riviera Dei Fiori or Riviera of Flowers goes from Cervo to Ventimiglia in the west, and is the spot of the Italian Riviera which is closest to France. This area offers several hotels, resorts and entertainment areas for tourists to choose as well as typical Italian Riviera’s beautiful beaches.

Panorama view over Riviera Dei Fiori in Italy.
Riviera Dei Fiori

Riviera Delle Palme

Another very visited Italian Riviera’s spot is the area known as Riviera Delle Palme. Riviera Delle Palme is the Italian Riviera area located at the central section of the Ligurian coastline. This area has a historic beach resort called Alassio among many other great spots, such as Finale Liguria, and amazing beaches. Visitors who go to Riviera Delle Palme could also choose among many options related to their entertainment such as casinos, discos, bars, and spectacle centers among others.

Getting to the Italian Riviera

There are several ways in which to access the area of the riviera. One of the easiest ways to access it is by train since there is a major train line which goes all the way through the coastline. This railway line allows tourists to travel from Naples, Florence, Milan, Rome, Genoa or other cities to the Italian Riviera’s coastline, as well as allows them to enjoy its beauty from the point it begins to where it ends.

Besides this, visitors who go to the Italian Riviera can also travel to France and arrive to cities such as Monaco or Cannes within the same railway line.

Interesting places to visit in Italy

The charm of Venice

Venice is known as one of the most romantic and charming towns of the world. The way in which water takes the place of streets and in which going from one point to another of the town is done by boat turns this town into a very unique one and gives it a special magic that every visitor can feel while being at it. Without any doubt, this town and its personality can not be equaled to any other and is a great destination to choose by those who wish to meet a different and very magical Italian destination.

Where to sleep in Venice

One of the main things which worry tourists who visit Venice is where to sleep. Due to its small size and the expensiveness of its services, this town’s hotels are, most of the times, more expensive than other European destinations. Most of the times, these hotels offer a very comfortable solution for sleeping as well as they often also offer amazing views.

Tourist on a gondola ride on the Rio Marin canal in Venice, Italy.

Although most hotels might be more expensive than tourists would have expected, there are some of them which might be more accessible as well as there are some other options. This way, it is recommendable for those who will visit Venice to research and lean about which accommodation options this town offers before going.

Other accommodation options in Venice

Besides hotels, there are some other options of places where visitors can spend he night. Among these other options, there are particular residences which offer rooms for visitors along with meals.

Besides these residences, tourists can also stay at hostels. There are several religious hostels and a youth hostel offering rooms to tourists for lower costs than hotels, but it is very recommendable to make sure there will be rooms available since they tend to be full during summer and sometimes during other seasons as well …


It is also important to take into account transportation. The place visitors choose will determine the distances they would have to cover by a water taxi, and in those cases in which tourists are planning their visits on a budget they should consider this aspect at the time of choosing a hotel as well as the hotel price itself.

Map of Venice

Interesting places to visit in Italy

The city of Florence and its past

The city of Florence, or Florentia according to its Italian name, was founded in the first century B.C. by the Romans. This way, it has passed through a really great amount of different periods and époques which have caused different influences on it, and meeting this town and its historic buildings can be one of the most amazing experiences a person who enjoys history related activities could have.

The history of Florence

In Florence, visitors can be in contact with many different historic periods as well as many important situations and moments from the past. Every building and street of this city contains a piece of history within its structure, and taking a tour through the city can be as taking a tour through the pass of centuries.

Aerial view of Florence in Italy.

During the 15th and 16th centuries, Florence became a free state. During this period of time, the city was ruled and governed by the Medici family, government which was known as the Signoria of the Medici. Also during this period, Florence was at its best moment regarding art and culture in general.

At middle 1860s, Tuscany and Florence changed their denomination of Free State since they joined what was the Kingdom of Italy. After that, and for a few years which go from about 1865 to 1871, Florence was named capital city of the Kingdom. This way, this city has gone through several changes through its own history as well as it has incorporated each different period to its own appearance.

Getting around

Florence allows tourists to easily move from one point of the city to another since it offers a great amount of transportation facilities, among which buses might be the most recommendable. There are many different places which sell bus tickets, allowing visitors to meet the city in a non expensive and efficient way as well as by mixing with local people and their every day lifestyle.

Square in Florence with the majestic Duomo Santa Maria Del Fiore in the background.
Duomo Santa Maria Del Fiore

Tourists who wish to use taxis instead of buses, should be aware that they might be very expensive, depending on the time of the day and the luggage a person carries. This way, buses are usually much more recommendable than taxis, although in case of carrying an important amount of luggage or bags.

Map of Florence

Interesting places to visit in Italy

Lake Como or Lago Di Como

Lake Como is located towards the north of Italy, near Milan. This lake is very famous due to its characteristics and its beauty, and constantly receives visitors from all points of the world. This lake’s length is of about 50 km and at there is a very charming town at its southern end which is worthwhile to visit along with the lake.


Getting to Lake Como

Visitors can arrive to the lake by train, bus or car. There is a central train station at Lake Como and this destination belongs to the main railway network which facilitates reaching it from many different points. Lake Como can be visited from one end to the other by taking a boat tour. There are several boat tours available for tourists to take and meet all the main points, resorts and villages of the Lake.

View above the great Lake Como in Italy.
Lake Como

The Duomo

There are many interesting points to meet at the lake and many other attractions besides the beauty of the lake itself. One of these attractions is the Duomo or Cathedral which shows many different époques through its historic walls and therefore allows visitors to travel to the Gothic period as well as to the Renaissance by just taking a few steps.

Outside view of the majestic Cathedral of Como in Italy.
Cathedral of Como


One of the main Lake Como’s destinations is Menaggio. Menaggio is a western Lake Como’s town which offers many hotels as well as it offers buses and boats departure points which turn this spot into an ideal one as a starting point to explore the rest of this Italian destination. Besides this, Menaggio also has a tourist information office open to any visitor who wishes to learn any Menaggio and Lake Como related data.

Menaggio's old town by Lake Como in Italy. Evening with lights on most buildings.

Other spots to visit around Lake Como

Another much visited Lake Como area is Bellagio. Bellagio is a historic village located towards the southern end of the lake just where it splits in two. This village offers many hotels, historic places to meet and, like most main Lake Como’s villages and towns, a tourist information office as well. The lake also offers several other places where tourists can find hotels and use as a base spot, such as Lecco or Varenna, and it is very recommendable to visit them all since each one of these villages has its own charm and magical environment that could not be found repeated at any other place.

Small street in Bellagio with colorful buildings and Lake Como in the horizon.

Map of Lake Como

Interesting places to visit in Italy