There is a great variety of different attractive spots and interesting things to do while visiting Germany. This country offers many different cultural activities, constructions, historical places, and entertaining spots in such a way that most visitors, no matter what their age or preferences are, would surely be able to find something interesting and fun to do.

The official name of this country is Bundesrepublik Deutschland, or Federal Republic of Germany, and its capital is Berlin. This country is a member of the European Union and its currency is the Euro. The total population in Germany is of about 82 million people spread throughout a territory of about 356.910 km2.

Art and culture are among the main attractions offered by this country. While visiting Germany, tourists could meet many interesting museums and galleries, such as per example, the Art Hall of Hamburger Kunsthalle also known as the Gallery of contemporary Art, the Museum Frankfurt Stadel, the Museum Bremer Kunsthalle, the Museum Schloss Moyland, the Museum Kurhaus Kleve, and the Felix Nussbaum House among many others.

Another interesting activity tourists should have in mind at the time of traveling to Germany is visiting its palaces and castles. This country has many beautiful antique castles and palaces, which might be very interesting to all those who enjoy disciplines such as architecture, design, history, and art among others.

While visiting Germany, tourists could meet antique constructions, palaces, and castles from many different époques and in a variety of styles. Many of this constructions are open to the public as well as many others function as shops, museums, restaurants or offer a variety of other services in such a way that visitors can meet their interiors as well as their exterior and often enjoy a unique mixture of modern elements combined with these antique structures.

Germany also offers a wide variety of nature related destinations in which tourists could enjoy green areas, and beautiful landscapes full of vegetation. Towards the North Sea, tourists could also meet some amazing coast lines and beaches, ensuring all those who enjoy sea related spots that they would be able to have a great time.

Map of Germany