The ancient Skyros

Skyros is an island located to the southern area of the Greek archipelago of the Sporades. This island has been inhabited since ancient times, and its first name, The Island of Magnetes, can be traced back to the 2nd millennium BC. This island has a size of around 200 m2 and a population of about 3100 inhabitants, and counts with the peculiarity of not belonging to any Greek province.

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Skopelos – and island and a municipality

Skopelos is an island and a municipality located in the central area of the Sporades archipelago of Greece. This town is characterized by an outstanding natural beauty, mainly provided by its unique forests and beaches. It is also interesting to know that it has a port, the Port of Skopelos, which is located towards the northeastern area of the island, in the Town of Skopelos also known as Chora.

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Patitiri – capital of Alonissos

Patitiri is the capital town of Alonissos’ island, located within the Greek archipelago of the Sporades. Besides this, Patitiri is also the administrative and commercial center of the island, and is built in such a way that it seems to be a wall that surrounds it. This town is very interesting from a variety of points of view and is used to receive many tourists who wish to relax at beautiful beaches, as well as others who wish to meet historical and folkloric places, or others who wish to find exciting activities and a lively night life.

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