Skopelos – and island and a municipality

Skopelos is an island and a municipality located in the central area of the Sporades archipelago of Greece. This town is characterized by an outstanding natural beauty, mainly provided by its unique forests and beaches. It is also interesting to know that it has a port, the Port of Skopelos, which is located towards the northeastern area of the island, in the Town of Skopelos also known as Chora.

There are several other attractive destinations situated nearby Skopelos in such a way that tourists can meet more than one attractive place in a short period of time. Among the most interesting of these nearby spots there is, for example, Skiathos, Thessaloniki, Alonissos, Volos, Magnesia, and Euboea among others.

An important part of Skopelos is covered by green areas and forests, in such a way that it is actually known to be the greenest island in the entire Mediterranean Sea region. Due to its beauty, this island was named to be a Traditional Settlement by Presidential Decrete, an honor that not many other destinations have received.

The main income resource of Skopelos is tourism and all the activities related to it. Besides this, Skopelos also bases its resources on other activities such as agriculture, the work on vineyards, and farming. This island exports several products, among which we can name, for example, plums and wine.

The forest of Slopelos is one of the main attractions of this island as well as one of its most traditional and antique characteristics, due to the fact that it has been present in this destination for around 4000 years. Besides this forest, Skopelos also counts with other beautiful natural attractions, such as its beaches. This island has a great number of attractive islands, such as for example, Staphylos, Hovolo, Kastani, Velanio, Limnonari, Andrines, and Milia among others.

Besides its natural attractions, Skopelos also has many interesting antique constructions which all those visitors who enjoy disciplines such as architecture, anthropology and archaeology would surely enjoy. Among these interesting antique constructions and spots, we can name, for example, the pirate graves in Sedoukia, several historical monuments and a variety of Byzantine buildings spread throughout the main cities of the island.

Map of Skopelos in Greece