Volos – an economic center

Volos is known as the economic center of the entire prefecture of Magnissia or Magnesia as well as its capital city. This spot is situated within the region of central Greece, in Thessaly, at about 215 kilometers south of Thessaloniki and about 325 kilometers north from Athens.

The city of Volos is full of beautiful landscapes and amazing sea related spots. This is due to its privileged location, since it is situated on the Pagasetic Gulf, next to Mount Pelion. This way, Volos is surrounded by unique natural sceneries, such as amazing green areas and woods as well as sea related sights.

Volos has around 160.000 inhabitants spread within different municipalities such as Iolkos, Volos and Neo Oinia, from wich the Municipality of Volos counts with a population of around 72.000 inhabitants. Besides this, there also are several other attravtice spots located near Volos which tourists can easily visit while being in this city. Among these other attractive spots near Volos there is, per example, Thessaly, the Island of Skiathos, the Island of Skopelos, and the Island of Alonissos.

The history of Volos and the past of the spot in which it is situated is other attraction offered by this city. Before the modern Volos existed, this place used to be were several historical ancient cities were. Among these ancient cities which were situated where Volos nowadays is, there is Pagasae, Iolkos and Demetrias. The ancient city of Demetrias, which used to be part of what nowadays is Volos, was founded by the King of Macedonia Demetrious Poliorcetes.

There are several unique historical laces tourists can visit in Volos and its surroundings, such as per example the Neolithic settlements of Dimini. While visiting these Neolithic settlements, tourists could meet antique walls, two tombs from between the years 4000 and 1300 BC, and ruins from what is known as the oldest acropolis that could be found in all Greece. As it can be noticed, this spot would be a very interesting destination to all those tourists who enjoy being close to the nature, or meeting beautiful landscapes, as well as to those who are fond of history and archeology.

Map of Volos in Greece