Pelion Peninsula in summer time

The Pelion Peninsula is a paradisiacal spot for all those tourists who like the beach and enjoy relaxing while witnessing spectacular sceneries. This destination offers a variety of extremely beautiful sea related sceneries and beaches which are often defined as among the most appealing in the country as well as many other unique attractions.

The region known as Pelion Peninsula is situated within central Greece, in Thessaly, in the prefecture of Magnesia. The Pelion Peninsula and Mount Pelion are one of the most visited destinations in this region and during summer time it becomes one of the most amazing spots tourists could find in Greece.

Mount Pelion, one of the most famous and visited spots in the Pelion Peninsula, is to which this destination owes its geographical characteristics since it is a key spot providing it with its peninsula shape. According to Greek mythology, the Centaur Chiron, who taught other mythic creatures such as Achilles, Heracles or Theseus, lived in the Mountain Pelion, turning it this way into an even more magical and appealing spot than it already is due to its amazing natural beauty.

Beaches in Pelion Peninsula offer soft white sands combined with very clear and appealing sea waters. Besides this amazing combination, Pelion Peninsula’s beaches count with an extraordinary background provided by the mountain covered by snow and some water falls, a landscape that visitors could hardly ever forget.

The Pelion Peninsula has about 70 different villages spread throughout its territory. Many of these villages are very picturesque and appealing and count with very charming spots and attractive landscapes. This way, tourists who visit the Pelion Peninsula would have a broad range of options from which to choose and the possibility of meeting a variety of unique places.

During winter time, the Pelion Peninsula also offers interesting activities and receives a great amount of visitors who approach attracted by its well known ski center of Agriolefkes. The ski center of Agriolefkes is situated next to a very charming village called Hania and is a spot which counts with all the facilities and commodities tourists could need.