There are so many different things to do and interesting places to visit in Italy tourists often find it difficult to choose among them. By traveling in Italy, tourists can meet many different historical spots, incredible constructions, beautiful landscapes, outstanding art works, relaxing beaches, try excellent dishes, taste some of the finest wines of the world, and have fun no matter what they preferences are.

Those tourists who choose Rome as their main Italian destination, could meet this city’s amazing Coliseum. Or, those who rather visiting Naples, could enjoy a great sight from Monte Solaro. On the other hand, those who chose Pisa as their destination could meet the famous Leaning Tower. And there are so many amazing spots to meet in Italy that the list would go on and on.

History also plays a main role in Italy and its tourism destinations. Many important historic events have happened within this country, and by visiting it tourists often can have a close encounter with those events from the past. In fact, there so many different cities and spots within Italy which have a close relation with important historic facts, that those who wish to choose where to go according to this factor could have a very difficult time opting for only one.

Art is another of the most attractive aspects of Italy. Art and Italy have gone hand by hand throughout mankind history, and it is no coincidence that this country is a dream for art lovers from around the world. Some of the most amazing art works and pieces known are exhibited in Italy throughout the amazing amount of Galleries and museums this country offers.

All these amazing cultural aspects are also combined with an incredible modern life and a great offer of exiting activities. Traveling in Italy offers the chance of visiting some of the most wonderful historical art pieces of the world in the morning, meet an absolutely beautiful beach in the afternoon, taste a great dish and an excellent wine in the evening, and then the enjoy night life of one of the most exciting areas of Europe.

Map of Italy