The attractive Zakynthos

Zakynthos is a very attractive island located within the Ionian Archipelago of Greece, on the western coast of the country. This island has an area of approximately 410 km2, an extension that causes it to be the third largest of the archipelago. Besides this, it might also be interesting to know that Zakynthos has a population of approximately 41,500 inhabitants and a density of about 102 inhabitants per km2.

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The Diapondia Islands

The Diapondia Islands is a group of five islands located within the Ionian archipelago of Greece. Three of these five islands, Mathraki, Ereikousa, and Othoni are populated, although they count with a very small amount of inhabitants. Despite of this, tourists could easily find all the basic commodities and facilities they might need in order to have a comfortable vacation.

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The island and city of Lefkada

Lefkada is the capital city of the island of same name located in the Ionian archipelago. This city can be found towards the northern area of the island and is one of the places where tourists would find most of the facilities and commodities this destination offers. It is important to know that this island is connected to the mainland of Greece by a floating bridge, and therefore travelling to it might be easier than to many other neighbouring islands.

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The mountanious Kalamos

Kalamos is one of the most mountainous islands in the Greek archipelago of the Ionian Sea. The capital of Kalamos is the port village of same name and is where the highest percentage of the approximately 650 inhabitants of the island lives. This is a very picturesque and unique spot which, due to its geographical characteristics, stands out from most of the surrounding destinations.

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Ithaki – a municipality of Kefallonia

Ithaki, or Ithaka, is a municipality and an island in the Greek prefecture of Kefallonia. The capital city of Ithaki, called Vathy, is one of the most interesting spots in the Ionian archipelago as well as it is considered to be among the largest natural harbours of the entire world. The municipality of Ithaki is composed by several islands and communities which include Oxeia, Atokos, Drakonero, Oetallades and Echinades.

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Corfu, Kerkyra, or Corcyra

Corfu is a very appealing island and town located in the Ionian Sea and which counts with the peculiarity of being called in several other different ways, such as for example, Corcyra and Kerkyra. The town of Corfu is located in the island and prefecture of same name, near the coast of Albania. This island and its main town cunt with several beautiful beaches as well as a wide variety of other attractions that cause this destination to be among the most appealing in that region of Greece.

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