The island and city of Lefkada

Lefkada is the capital city of the island of same name located in the Ionian archipelago. This city can be found towards the northern area of the island and is one of the places where tourists would find most of the facilities and commodities this destination offers. It is important to know that this island is connected to the mainland of Greece by a floating bridge, and therefore travelling to it might be easier than to many other neighbouring islands.

The most important resort area of Lefkada is Nidri. Nidri, located towards the east coast of the island, is a beautiful area from which tourists can enjoy amazing views on other surrounding islands and spots, such as, for example, the island of Meganissi, the mainland of Greece, and Skorpios. Besides this, this resort is very easy to reach from a variety of origins since there are daily ferries connecting it with Ithaca, Kefalonia, and Megalisi among many others.

According to some experts, Lefkada was the place where the Odysseus by Homer was born, although many others affirm that that took place in Ithaka. The experts who defend the theory of Lefkada being the home place of Odysseus mention the fact that some of its passages mention an island which is connected to the mainland and to which people could go on foot, as it would have been the case of this island.

Tourists might find interesting to know that this island was the birth or home town of many important personalities. Among these famous persons who were born or lived in Lefkada, we can name, for example, the historic athlete Dimitrios Golemis, Aristotelis Valaoritis, the politician Maria Vamvakinou, and Angelos Sikelianos, among many others.

One of the most important events this island went through during its recent history took place on August of 2003, when an important earthquake produced several damages and injuries as well as it cut most of the main roads. But despite of the fact that this earthquake produced a temporary chaos in the entire island, it did not cause any deaths and the problems it caused could be soon solved.

Map of Lefkada in Greece