The beautiful Meganisi

Meganisi is a very beautiful island located within the Ionian Islands, near Lefkada and several other attractive destinations. This island is spectacular and is often chosen by young couples and honeymooners from around the world as a perfect choice for a romantic vacation.

Many of the beaches of Meganisi, such as Ambelaki, Fanari, Ai Yiannis, and Spilia, have clear crystalline waters and soft white sands, in such a way that passing by them without taking the time to swim or sunbath in them is almost impossible. Many tourists who visit Meganisi as part of an excursion, often describe the beaches of this island as the most beautiful they met in their entire vacation.

Besides its amazing beaches, Meganisi also has several other appealing attractions tourists should not miss. One of these attractions is Papanikolis, a very attractive cave which received its actual name from a World War II submarine. Other interesting and very mysterious cave is the Cave of the Cyclops, which is famous as being still unexplored. Besides the Papanikolis and the Cyclops, there also are several other attractive and mysterious caves spread throughout the coastlines of Meganisi, and tourists who are interested on these attractions should ask local inhabitants for guidance on how to find them.

According to historians, in ancient Greece times Megalisi was known as Tafiots, although some others believe that its name was Asteria. Besides this, it might also be interesting to know that the first facts known about this island were provided by Homer’s writings where there are allusions to both Asteria and Tafios.

The main town of Megalisi, Katomeri, is characterized by having narrow streets and small charming houses. This town is surrounded by beautiful natural and unspoiled landscapes composed by a unique combination of green spots with beautiful coasts and beaches. While walking around and meeting this town and its surroundings, tourists could observe vines, olives, and many other cultivation lots, since an important part of the island’s population are farmers. Tourists who wish to travel to a place that is full of beautiful natural spots and offers romantic sceneries would surely be happy of choosing Megalisi.

Map of Meganisi in Greece