The small Paxi

Paxi is the smallest island in the Ionian archipelago of Greece and a very attractive spot which tourists should not miss when they travel to that part of the country. According to the ancient Greek mythology, Paxi was created by Poseidon when he hit Corfu with his trident looking for peacefulness in the place where he would live with Amphitrite, his wife.

According to archaeologists, Paxi probably has been inhabited since prehistoric times, although there is not conclusive evidence on that fact. The first inhabitants about whom archaeologists and historians have evidence of been settled in Paxi are the Phoenicians. The name of this island derives from pax, a Phoenician word which can be translated as slate.

After the Phoenicians, and more specifically towards the 2nd century BC, Paxi became controlled by the Romans. The Romans were the rulers of this island for more than 10 centuries, period after which this destination went through several different hands until the 14th century when the Venetians became its new settlers.

Paxi offers a very varied and attractive landscape composed by olive groves, steeps, cliffs, and attractive beaches. Even before arriving to this destination, and while approaching by the sea, tourists can enjoy its amazing beauty and the spectacular natural landscapes it offers.

Reaching Paxi is not very difficult due to the fact that there are ferries, boats and excursions connecting it on a daily basis with several other destinations, such as Parga, Igoumenitsa, Bari, Brindisi or Kerkyra. This way, tourists who visit this region of Greece should not miss travelling to this spot even if it is just for a few hours since it is not only easy but worthwhile as well.

Those tourists who wish to find exciting activities and a lively night life in Paxi should go to Gaios. Gaios is the most popular and active city of Paxi, and counts with several restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars, and discos. This way, even though this island is characterized by its peacefulness, visitors who wish to find more exciting activities during their vacations can still do so without needing to travel to other destination.