Igoumenitsa – capital of Thesprotia

Igoumenitsa is the capital town of Thesprotia, located towards the northwestern area of Greece. This city is characterized for counting with a beautiful coastline which provides it with attractive beaches and amazing sea landscapes. Besides this, this ancient city is also interesting from the point of view of history and archeology in such a way that most tourists, no matter what their preferences are, would surely be able to find something interesting to do during their visit.

The city of Igoumenitsa is a great destination for every traveler who wishes to visit a place in which he can relax while being surrounded by amazing natural landscapes. This town counts with beautiful green areas and mountains as a background as well as with amazing beaches, providing an ideal natural structure for loosing stress and relaxing.

It is interesting to know that rain is very usual in Igoumenitsa and therefore it is recommendable that tourists are prepared for this. Averagely, Igoumenitsa goes through a rainfall of around 1100 mm while, for example, rainfall in Athens is of about 380 mm. This way, visitors should not feel surprised if it rains during a part of their visit and bringing an umbrella can always be useful.

In ancient Greece, Igoumenitsa was called Titani or Gitani and belonged to what was known as the Thesprotis kingdom. Around the 4th century BC, this city was one of the main commercial areas in its kingdom and was surrounded for walls of a length of more than 2400 meters which only had four gates.

Due to its age and past, there are many interesting and historical places to meet in Igoumenitsa. For example, there still are some ruins of the ancient wall that used to surround the city during the times of the kingdom of Thesprotis. Besides this, visitors could also meet several antique constructions and buildings, many of them maintaining some of their original features and elements. As it can be seen, this destination offers a wide range of interesting activities suitable to visitors of different ages and preferences in such a way that all of them would surely be able to have fun.

Map of Igoumenitsa in Greece