Konitsa – in Epirus

Konitsa is an attractive town located in Epirus, towards the northern area of Greece. This town is near the border with Albania and situated next to a mountain that belongs to the mountain range of Pindos, providing this destination with a very beautiful background. In this region of Greece, nature and tradition are combined in almost every town and village a tourist could meet, turning it into a very charming and picturesque spot which all those who wish to relax and breathe fresh air while meeting beautiful places full of amazing landscapes should not miss.

The town of Konitsa is the main central spot of several others nearby small villages. This turns this destination into an ideal starting point for meeting many other attractive places, many of which are full of traditions and with amazing landscapes. This way, all those tourists who intend to stay for several days in this region and meet as many towns and villages as possible would make a great choice by opting for Konitsa as the base destination.

There are many interesting places to visit while being in Konitsa and its surroundings. One of these places is Mount Smolika’s, a mountain of a height of 2637 meters famous by being the second highest mountain in Greece. Besides this, while being in this region, tourists could also visit the sulfur baths of Kavasila, another very interesting spot situated nearby Konitsa.

The National Park of Vikos Aoos is another attractive place tourists should not miss while being in Konitsa. While visiting this national park, tourists can meet the Gorge of Vikos, the mountains of Timfi, and the Aoos gorge. This place can be paradisiacal to all those visitors who enjoy being close to the nature.

Another interesing place visitors can while being in Konitsa is Zagoria. Zagoria is an area full of charming small villages situated nearby Konitsa and which should be in the must items on the schedule of every tourist who approach this region of Greece. These villages are very picturesque and offer amazing landscapes with a range of mountains in the background.

Map of Konitsa in Greece