Visiting Zagoria

Zagoria, located within the northern area of Greece, is a very appealing area full of picturesque small villages and attractive landscapes. This is an ideal destination for all those tourists who enjoy meeting traditional places full of charm and where nature has hardly been spoiled at most of its area.

Tourists who visit Zagoria would be able to meet more than 40 villages of different sizes. All these villages are spread throughout a territory of no more than 1000 km2 with the town of Yiannina or Ioannina as the capital. This way, most tourists would have to choose which villages to meet and make a schedule, unless they count with time enough to meet them all.

In ancient Greece, Zagori used to be part of what is known as the kingdom of Molossoi, a tribe that used to rule that part of the northern area of the country. During that époque, the Molossus were famous for their war strategies and techniques, and were some of the most feared warriors in the region.

Towards the 18th century, this area started gaining prosperity at a fast pace in such a way that in a few years schools, mills, squares and many other constructions started giving the area a new appearance and attracting an important amount of new visitors. Since then, this destination has continued attracting visitors from the entire world in a constant basis, although it maintains its traditional cultural aspects and its appearance has not been modified in any dramatic manner.

One of the main attractions tourists could find in Zagoria is what is known as the Vikos gorge. The Vikos Gorge is the most visited of its kind in the region due to its outstanding beauty and its impressive size. This gorge is considered one of the most amazing ones in the entire world, being second in depth after the Arizona’s Grand Canyon. This gorge is specially interesting to visitors who are fond of disciplines such as biology and love the nature in general due to the fact that it counts with many peculiar and attractive ecosystems as well as, in general, it provides a beautiful natural landscape.

Map of Zagoria in Greece