Visiting Arta

Arta is a Greek prefecture situated towards the northern area of the country. This prefecture belongs to what is known as the Epirus periphery, located on the northern side of the Ambracian Gulf Mountains. The capital city of Arta, of same name, is one of the most visited spots in this destination, although there also are several other interesting places tourists should not miss.

The Arachtos valley, comprehending the southern and eastern area of Arta, is the most densely populated area of the Prefecture and one of the most attractive ones as well. On the other hand, the least densely populated areas of Arta are the southeast, some parts of the north, and the Athamanian Mountains.

One of the most famous attractions offered by this destination is what is known as the Arta’s Old Bridge, situated towards the western side of the Arachtos River. This is a very beautiful spot which visitors should try to meet while being in this destination since it is appealing from the point of view of history as well as from the point of view of design.

The first historical settlements in Arta can be traced back to as long ago as the 18th century BC. During this époque, this region was inhabited by Corinthians. Towards the year 30 BC, a city called Nikopolis was founded receiving an important amount of inhabitants from the surroundings and becoming the capital of what was called the Despotate of Epireus. Some centuries later, Nikopolis became what nowadays is known as the city of Arta..

Until 1880, the region of Arta was separated from Greece and belonged to the area known as the Epirus. During the 1880’s, this spot, as well as Thessaly, became part of Greece as it is known nowadays. The history of Arta is very interesting, and all those tourists who are fond of this discipline would surely have a great time while visiting it.

There is a very large list of different communities, municipalities, and interesting spots to visit in Arta. Among these places we can name, for example, Athamania, Agnata, Arachtos, Iraklia, Kompoti, Amvrakikos, Folothei, Georgios Karaiskakis, Xirovouni, Tetrafylia, Melissourgi, Theodoriana, and Kommeno.

Map of Arta in Greece