The charm of Venice

Venice is known as one of the most romantic and charming towns of the world. The way in which water takes the place of streets and in which going from one point to another of the town is done by boat turns this town into a very unique one and gives it a special magic that every visitor can feel while being at it. Without any doubt, this town and its personality can not be equaled to any other and is a great destination to choose by those who wish to meet a different and very magical Italian destination.

Where to sleep in Venice

One of the main things which worry tourists who visit Venice is where to sleep. Due to its small size and the expensiveness of its services, this town’s hotels are, most of the times, more expensive than other European destinations. Most of the times, these hotels offer a very comfortable solution for sleeping as well as they often also offer amazing views.

Tourist on a gondola ride on the Rio Marin canal in Venice, Italy.

Although most hotels might be more expensive than tourists would have expected, there are some of them which might be more accessible as well as there are some other options. This way, it is recommendable for those who will visit Venice to research and lean about which accommodation options this town offers before going.

Other accommodation options in Venice

Besides hotels, there are some other options of places where visitors can spend he night. Among these other options, there are particular residences which offer rooms for visitors along with meals.

Besides these residences, tourists can also stay at hostels. There are several religious hostels and a youth hostel offering rooms to tourists for lower costs than hotels, but it is very recommendable to make sure there will be rooms available since they tend to be full during summer and sometimes during other seasons as well …


It is also important to take into account transportation. The place visitors choose will determine the distances they would have to cover by a water taxi, and in those cases in which tourists are planning their visits on a budget they should consider this aspect at the time of choosing a hotel as well as the hotel price itself.

Map of Venice

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