Getting around France could be an amazing experience, although meeting all it has to offer is almost impossible due to the great amount of attractions this country has. France has many different regions, with different characteristics and personalities, being necessary to meet them all in order to have a good sense of how they are.
Although France has many different departments and regions with different characteristics, there are some general aspects it shares throughout all its territory and which might be useful for tourists to know at the time of meeting the country. There are many basic aspects which most tourists would always wonder about any place they would visit, such as for example, the climate, food, important events, and currency among others.

Before visiting France, it is important to know which kind of climate the tourist would find in order to be correctly prepared for it. The southern area of France shows nice temperatures most of the year, and its summers are longer than in other regions. On the other hand, the northern region of the country shows a more contrasting climate since it usually is cold in winter and hot in summer.

Food is one of the most interesting and appealing attractions of France. No matter which region a tourist meets, there surely will be a great typical local dish to try. International food is most of the times available at all the different spots of France along with many different dishes typical of the country, ensuring tourists to enjoy no matter what their taste is.

There are many important events tourists could meet at different times of the year in different regions of France. During February, the national Mardi Gras o Shrove Tuesday takes place throughout the country, being this one of the main party times of France. March is a very important time of the year for fashion since the Paris fashion week happens during this month, gathering fashion designers and people related to it from the entire world.

Those tourists who would meet France during May, could enjoy the Cannes Film Festival, one of the main festivals of its kind of the world. Another interesting time of the year for meeting France is August, since this is the month of the Carcassone, consisting on a medieval festival in the Carcassone Fortress, and which is a very interesting and peculiar event.

Map of France