The mysterious Epiros

Epiros, also known as Epirus, is a city that counts with the peculiar characteristic of counting with a great number of mountains and being often covered by clouds, a mixture of factors which causes it to show a mysterious appearance. This peculiar city is located within the northern area of Greece, towards the west of tht Corfu, Paxi and Antipaxi islands, the west of the Ionian Sea, and the east of the mountain range of Pindus.

The city of Epirus borders with Albania at its northern side and is near by several other attractive destinations, being this other particular advantage for tourists who wish to meet as many spots as possible during their visit to this region of Greece. While being in Epiros, tourists could also meet spots such as, for example, Mt. Pelion, Pindos, Thessaly, the islands of Paxi, Corfu, and Antipaxi, and the Balkan countries

The territory of Epirus is characterized by counting with a great number of mountains in such a way that an important amount of this spot’s area is covered by them providing it with a unique appearance. These mountains add to the peculiar and mysterious appearance of the town, being the perfect background for walking by this city’s streets while they are covered by a cloud.

Those tourists who enjoy wild and unique natural landscapes would surely be able to have a good time by meeting Epiros due to the fact that this spot is close to a variety of lagoons, rivers, wet lands, and forests. Besides this, tourists could also find some beautiful beaches where to relax and breathe fresh air while being surrounded of a quite peculiar and unique landscape.

Due to its natural characteristics and the great amount of green areas this city counts with, during their visit tourists could also find a wide variety of birds. This way, this destination is a great choice to every tourist who enjoys the nature in all its shapes and forms; no matter if they wish to meet is lagoons or rivers, mountains, forests, beaches, or animals, they will surely find what they wish in Epiros.

Map of Epiros in Greece