The unspoilt Antipaxi

Antipaxi, also known as Antipaxo, is a small charming island located within the Greek Ionian archipelago, and more specifically towards the south east of Paxos. This island combines a variety of appealing characteristics such as beautiful beaches, an attractive vegetation, a picturesque harbour, and several other interesting spots, as well as it offers a very tranquil and peaceful environment ensuring tourists that chose it as their destination to have a relaxing vacation.

The harbour of Antipaxi, known as Agrapidia, is one of the most visited spots in the island. This harbour is usually visited by small boats that approach from several of the surrounding destinations with tourists who wish to meet this charming island while being in this area of Greece. It might be important to know that, due to the fact that it has shallow waters, this harbour is not appropriate for bigger boats.

Around the port of Agrapidia tourists would find the main village of the island. The village of Agrapidia is very picturesque and attractive not only due to its charming constructions and friendly inhabitants but also to the natural beauty of the landscapes that surround it. Agrapidia is surrounded by fertile lands, vineyards, and beautiful beaches, and despite of the fact that it is a small place and practically the only inhabited spot in the island, tourists approach from many other islands to visit it.

One of the most beautiful beaches tourists can meet in Antipaxi is the Kaloroi Beach. The Kaloroi Beach offers fresh clear waters and nice sand and is a spot where visitors will surely be able to find peace and relax at almost any time of the year since it does not tend to be crowded.

Most of the spots tourists would visit in Antipaxi are perfect for relaxing and avoiding crowds due to the fact that it is one of the less popular destinations in the archipelago and only counts with approximately 150 inhabitants. Despite of this, it is important to know that while being in Agrapidia visitors would be able to find several taverns and restaurants, some of them offering great local or traditional dishes.

Map of Antipaxi in Greece