Corfu, Kerkyra, or Corcyra

Corfu is a very appealing island and town located in the Ionian Sea and which counts with the peculiarity of being called in several other different ways, such as for example, Corcyra and Kerkyra. The town of Corfu is located in the island and prefecture of same name, near the coast of Albania. This island and its main town cunt with several beautiful beaches as well as a wide variety of other attractions that cause this destination to be among the most appealing in that region of Greece.

The island of Corfu is strongly related to the ancient Greek mythology. According to mythology, Poseidon fell in love with the daughter of Metope and Asopos, a nymph called Korkyra. Poseidon brought Korkyra to this island and seduced her offering to name it after her. After that, Korkyra gave birth to Phaiax, the same name by which the islands inhabitants became known.

One of the most attractive spots in Corfu is the Old town. The old town of Corfu is composed by a large number of crossed narrow streets, locally known as kantounias, and a wide amount of antique constructions and buildings. Besides this, this spot also has some of the best restaurants of the island, where tourists can enjoy a wide variety of local traditional dishes.

Other place tourists should not miss while being in Corfu is the Palaio Frourio. The Palaio Frourio, or Old Fortress, is an antique fortress of Venetian style which was constructed on a small island that is part of Corfu. Nowadays, this fortress maintains most of its original structural elements at the same time that it hosts a variety of cultural events such as theatrical shows and concerts.

Kato Paleia and Ano Paleia are other two attractive spots visitors can meet in Corfu. These two spots consist on impressing squares surrounded by unique constructions, such as the Philharmoniki building and the Maitland monument. Also near the Kato Paleia, tourists would find the Palaia Anaktora or Old Palaces. The Palaia Anaktora consists on several Roman constructions which nowadays host of a variety of art exhibits.

Map of Corfu in Greece